3CE Reopening Celebration

We want to thank old and new friends, community members, and agency partners for attending the wonderful Grand Re-Opening of 3CE at Regis Square.  This celebration of our temporary location was much like the vision of 3CE – bringing people from all walks of life together to support and learn from each other.  3CE’s partnership of governmental partners, nonprofit organizations, academic institutions, and volunteers makes this place possible, a true community space where people help people find jobs, build healthy relationships, access healthcare and housing, and more.

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3CE will be located at Regis Square for the next year and a half, while our permanent location in the Adams County Housing Authority (ACHA) new affordable housing development adjacent to Westminster Station is being built.  We are grateful to Regis University for providing this space.

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I’d particularly like to thank the Circle of Support, 3CE customers and volunteers; 3CE staff and friends: Maria Ruiz, Jackie Gutierrez, Elizabeth Aryeetey, and Alex Malchow.  We are particularly appreciative of the support of Adams County Housing Authority, Adams County Workforce, Regis University, Colorado State University Extension, Dust Queens, Longmont Packing, McDonalds,  and the Low Income Family Empowerment Board of Directors.


New Location! New Hours! Same Supportive Services!

Exciting things are happening at the Center for Career & Community Enrichment (3CE), and we want to share some important news with you. Growing popularity has fueled continued growth over the past two years—we have enjoyed our south Westminster location and serving all who happen to come into our center but as the area around 71st and Federal gets developed we will be temporarily moving to 51st and Federal while our permanent home in the future Alto Affordable Housing community is developed.

We spent the previous two and a half years in a building about two miles away from our new location — our old office served us well, and we made great memories there, but we couldn’t be more excited about our new space.

The new office is a storefront in Regis Square. We’re excited about the hustle and bustle happening outside our windows and all of the great restaurants within an easy walking distance of the new location.

While we were happy with our space, there were several reasons we are excited to move:

  1. Though it took us a while to build our reputation in the community and we really enjoyed our neighbors, we believe the new temporary location right down the road will help bolster our visibility in south Adams County and north Denver.
  1. What a difference two miles makes.  Our last office was within immediate walking distance of three restaurants and one grocery store.  The new space is right on the border of Adams and Denver counties and puts us within a short walk of two bus stops (31 and 52), more than a dozen great restaurants, Dollar Tree, Longmont Packing (a great community market), and of course Regis University.  We’re all huge advocates for this community; please know that a temporary change of location in no way changes our commitment to our customers.

We’ll be hosting a Grand Reopening Celebration for our customers soon, and if you’re in the area, feel free to stop in and say hi!

Thanks for everyone’s support through the years and with the move.  Also, we want to give a special shout out to our contractor, All Phase Restoration, who did a phenomenal job quickly building out the new space and to Adams County Housing Authority maintenance staff for making it look great.

Customer Highlight: Gwen

Gwen originally arrived at The Center for Career and Community Enrichment (3CE), in order to fulfill requirements set by the unemployment office. Gwen was pleasantly surprised with the dedicated staff members, and began a professional and personal relationship with Elizabeth. When speaking about staff, Gwen highlights the level of concern and attention paid to her circumstances.

Originally, Gwen was interested in getting herself out of the house and progressing in the Medical Field. Moreover, she was dedicated in positioning herself in steady employment, in a field she enjoys. Getting out of the house was simple for Gwen, because 3CE is a short commute from her home.

The joy for Gwen, is representative of her relationship with dedicated staff and clients at the center. She reports that:


“It’s never a bad day at 3CE, seeing other customers & interacting with smiling faces, is a joy filled experience.”

Gwen also notes that she is a more positive and pleasant person from her time being at 3CE. The compassion allotted to her, brought her closer to herself. Additionally, in the future she hopes to be a present part of 3CE, and help others in their respective circumstances.

Customer Highlight: Brittany

Brittany first came to 3CE to fulfill her program requirement hours so that she could get the assistance that she needed. While volunteering at 3CE Brittany was also applying for work and continued looking for resources that fit her needs.

Though Brittany completed her volunteer hours she continued to come back to 3CE because she felt that when she “came to 3CE the people were awesome and willing to help every step of the way to get where I needed to go.”

“They helped me get a job and make a resume and get all the assistance that I needed.”

Her favorite part of coming to 3CE was the warm welcoming that she received from the personnel who were always willing to help her in every way possible to get her to where she needed to be.

Brittany has overcome many obstacles that were placed in her path. Since coming to 3CE; she now has a good paying job, her own house, a car and she has become more independent.

Brittany 2

 “3CE has really made me the person I am today and I hope they do that for more people”

Her next step is to finish school and get on a career path that she finds most appealing. She would love to work in an office administration position. She is also working to create a happier family with her kids.





Customer Highlight: Elaine

When Elaine came to 3CE she was seeking resources and guidance for employment opportunities. Her goal was to secure employment and update her resume.

Elaine felt like 3CE was a good fit for her because her experience with all the staff members, especially Elizabeth was professional and exceptional. She said, “Elizabeth took the time to critique and assisted her with revising her resume. In addition, she made many recommendations one of which was Dress for Success which was a huge advantage.”

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Elaine mentioned that her favorite part of coming to 3CE was, “Everything–I truly felt and feel supported especially during times when i felt discouraged and frustrated with career search.” She was also able to gain full employment.

She would also like to volunteer at 3CE, her passion and expertise is in consumer credit and residential mortgage financing and could be of assistance to other customers. Elaine is also working on aligning herself in the county with partners advocating for affordable housing.

3CE Community Garden Update

A few weeks ago local families, 3CE staff members, and CSU Master Gardeners came together to build a community garden and plant various vegetables and herbs. Over the past month and a half each of the families have been taking turns watering, and caring for the garden, waiting for their their crops to grow.


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Last Thursday, families & Master Gardeners met, picked out some weeds, harvested some zucchini, squash, and spinach.

Customer Highlight: Wanda

Wanda originally came to 3CE for its convenient location, she wanted to get her resume reviewed and updated. She continued to come back time after time because of the personal help that she received.

By continuing to work with 3CE staff, Wanda has been able to update her resume, receive assistance & guidance when submitting applications and gained a few computer skills.

Wanda states that, “The people [at 3CE] are personable, they seem really interested in me as a person as well as the community. They help me with other things like food stamps & housing” as a reason why she thought 3CE has been a good fit for her.

Her favorite part about coming into the office is the people, she “is able to just stop in and say hi, the staff has always been approachable, the people here are amazing, they never look down on you.”

She has also noticed a change in herself since starting at 3CE, she “is no longer embarrassed to ask for help, or ask questions. The staff is very patient.” She has also been able to acquire a part-time job that she loves and hope to continue working with staff so that she can acquire a full-time position.